I love experimenting finding different ways of moving my camera to attain a movement, or texture, or blend of colours that give me a painterly, impressionistic feel to my work. Light is all important! I try to use this like a paintbrush between the movement of my camera to capture a mood or atmosphere I feel with whatever light is available to me especially within night photography. I love using my camera using ICM during sunset (blue hour) and night time. I feel I can get a better flow that daytime does not give me so easily, but I also love a challenge experimenting to improve that flow during daylight hours. Lately I have also been experimenting using ICM with a second camera I had converted to Infrared which has given me some beautiful Cyanotype images which I hope to develop further.


My journey into photography came about purely by a birthday gift of a compact camera from my youngest daughter in 2006.
During the following years I loved using my compact then in 2012 I progressed to a Sony SLT-a77 DSLR mirrorless camera. I attended local photography courses to learn how to stop using AUTO and use the manual settings.
Once I was confident learning the rules of photography using manual settings and I was happy with the standards I had reached I felt the desire for more creative freedom. I found the ICM technique (Intentional Camera Movement) gives me this freedom.

ICM breaks ALL the rules I had learnt in the previous years. I love the feeling of complete artistic freedom! I also love that you cannot duplicate a resulting image.. each are completely unique and original even of the same subject using the same technique! No two images are ever the same!

There is no right or wrong way with ICM.. This feeds my creativity giving me complete artistic freedom!

All artwork on the site is available for sale and Commission enquiries are very welcome!


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